Monday, April 23, 2018
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Best Marketing 
Aimed at those who have developed and implemented a marketing strategy that has delivered measurable business benefits such as increased profit, sales, usage or awareness. Your marketing activity could relate to your business as a whole or a specific product or service. The judges will need to see that clear and measurable objectives were set and met and how you differentiated your organization.

Best Innovation
This category seeks to highlight organizations that have identified new products or services and successfully brought them to market or adapted an existing product for a new market. Entrants must be able to clearly demonstrate that there was a demand for the innovation and that the innovation has proved successful in line with the objectives set.

Best Employer
 Have you created an outstanding workplace based on a set of values that has led to a committed, effective and motivated workforce? The judges would like to hear about what sets you apart and how it has benefited the business and its people. Tangible examples of clear benefits are needed along with the financial cost and return.

Best Strategic Design / Creative 
We are looking for outstanding examples of websites, corporate identities, brochures or other forms of corporate communication. While a high level of creativity will be vital we are also looking for evidence of strategic relevance to wider corporate objectives. Entries are welcome from in-house teams, agencies, consultancies or printers.

Best Customer Focus 
Many organizations pay lip service to great customer service but in reality few truly deliver. If you go that extra mile and build your organization around the needs of your target audience we want to hear from you. Tell us how you have identified customer needs and managed and monitored their expectations to set you apart.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility 
Rewarding responsible business practice across the environment and community. We are looking for innovative CSR strategies or initiatives that have or are currently making a real difference to people at a local, national or international level.

Best New Product / Service 
This category spans not just innovation but also pricing, after sales service, design or performance. If you have developed a niche or “mass-market” product or service with a clear business edge we would encourage you to enter. As well as details of the differentiation the judges will also need to see demonstrable success in terms of profits or cost savings.

Best Product / Service Range 
Aimed at organizations with a suite of new or established products or services. Do you offer a range of solutions that represent outstanding value or work together in a special way? Or perhaps the range is cleverly developed to appeal to specific niche markets. Tell us what's special and how and why the products or services meet a clear demand.

Best Small to Medium Size Business 
If you stand out across the board this category could be the one for you. Outstanding product coupled with great people, innovative marketing and customer service to be proud of are the kind of strengths we are looking for. Impressive financials to prove that your business plan is working are also key, as is an awareness of your CSR commitments. One for the real all rounder.

Best Large Business
 Based on the same criteria as the Best Small to Medium Size Business category, this award will be given to an outstanding business employing more than 200 people.

Best New Business 
Aimed at companies that have been in existence for less than three years, we are looking for innovative business ideas or a clear point of differentiation. Did you identify a gap in the market for something new or perhaps you are offering an established product / service with a special twist. The judges will be more focused on future potential rather than the ability to show profit growth at this early stage.

Outstanding Personal Achievement 
Open to people at all levels within the organization. Perhaps you have overcome personal adversity or can share an interesting journey. Have you launched and built your own business or led your organization to greatness? Tell us how you succeeded where so many others have failed. Open to organizations of any size, the judges are keen to hear how you got where you are today.


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